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So a little side note. If you saw my post “What I Do In My Free Time” then you know I love photography. I just recently got into the hobby and am trying to put together a side business with it. I am hoping that one day I will be able to link my photography with my passion of athletics (and make a little money too maybe!). I decided to use Facebook Pages to get the word out on my new photography business. It is still a work in progress but here is a link to my page.

Jeremy Ryan Photography


I have some jobs already lined up and am currently working on launching a website.


I am excited for what 2014 has to offer!


Jeremy Davidson

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“Generation Always-On”


Ok…Where to begin. I don’t want to rant or this post to be lengthy (as I easily tend to do with most posts). I just read this article on “Generation Always-On” for my Technology in Kinesiology class and I have been asked to write a response. This debate about todays young generation growing up in a technological world with information at the fingertips is such a hot topic right now. And I find it very interesting.

Most people point to the negative. They see a teenager sitting on the couch with their phone glued to their hands and their eyes fixed on the screen. The older generation starts mumbling how these kids are so lazy and back in their day they were forced to play outside. They point at technology for the downfall of the next generation.

Have you ever talked to a 13 year old? They are 50 times smarter than anything I have ever seen. Their ability to function in this technological age is impressive.

I love how this article points out that this time right now is a revolutionary era and the future will look so different from the past because of the generation that is right here right now.

The only thing I want to respond about this article is a comparison of our history. Think about how drastically different the 20’s and 30’s were to the generation in the 60’s and 70’s. The 1960’s was a time filled with youth that were so on fire for change. So passionate¬† and crazy different from the past generation. It is so easy to be afraid of the future. To look at today’s youth and fear the outcome. But just like the 60’s and 70’s these kids are on fire and are ready to catapult into the next era that is going to be one of the most revolutionary time periods in our history. They need the support and environment to do so! Every single day they hear how they are not doing anything with their lives and these cell phones, computers, social networking sites are ruining their brains. All of these things ARE the future, they are the next generation and so many advancements in medical care, business, communications, everything is going to be based on the fact that this generation has such a great understanding of technology.

I have great hope for this generation (my generation!) It is easy to have fear. Just like every generation before, no matter who you are and what era you were born in the older generation will always shake their head and say the world is nothing like when they were kids and everything is falling apart. Time keeps moving whether we want it to or not and the advancement in technology is such an amazing thing that I believe will be one of the greatest movements in history.

If we can just give the youth the support they need to make this happen. A little motivation and encouragement can go a long way.


I’m done I promise.

Jeremy Davidson

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Facebook in an Educational Environment


Does social networking sites have a place in the education system? Specifically in higher education? How can we use Facebook to better engage students and promote learning?

In this study “Social Networking in Undergraduate Education” the findings are quite interesting and I can easily relate to them. When I was studying my undergrad in Nutrition & Health Facebook was still a relatively new concept and was geared towards college students. It was required to have a college email address to even sign up for Facebook. Nowadays the social networking site is open to anyone and everyone and I believe it has taken on a completely different purpose than its earlier years. All in all though I strongly believe social network sites, such as Facebook and twitter, are a great resource to use to pass on educational information

Facebook is so simple to use and is a great place to take information and link it to multiple individuals if not thousands. I like to use social networking with my athletes to pass on information such as practice times, uniforms needed for certain events, announcements like canceled practices or where to meet up. It is a great way to reach a large amount of people in a very little amount of time.

Is it for everyone or everything? No I don’t believe so. Social networking sites can be distracting. And nowadays even my grandparents are on Facebook (which is great to boost my self-esteem on everything I post!). Facebook now offers Pages which is a great way to reach people on a certain topic. Also using group messages is a great way to interact between students.

In Conclusion, I agree with the article in saying social networking sites offer a great resource in the educational setting and is a great way to interact in this digital age.


Jeremy Davidson

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Fun Photos


Using media is huge in connecting with people and making your content interesting and engaging. Here is a little fun photo I made on Fotor


I want to use photos like these to motivate and encourage people to be active and adventurous! There is a giant world out there and we have all been given the gift of the human body. See where it will take you!!!!

Jeremy Davidson

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What I do in my free time: Photography!


So I am excited for this post about photo sharing. I love getting to know people and all their different interest and hobbies so I am going to take this time to share a little bit about one thing I love to do.


I recently got a new DSLR camera and have truly enjoyed traveling around taking photos. I think I almost get as excited about taking pictures as I do athletics! Below are a couple of my favorites and below will be a link to my flickr page. I hope you enjoy!

10832874373_624f038b53_z 11534197435_cac52bd8d9_z 11855715116_9a95cd4c27_z 12051848234_44508ce5ef_z 10827449905_1f918266f4_z


You can find all my photos here

Personal Learning Network


The internet is jammed full with information every which way. How do you keep it all straight? Are we even tapping in to great resources or are we missing it in all the funk?

I recently signed up for an account on It is an interesting online resource that allows the user to organize information in whatever category, or topic, they choose. I hope to use this website as a tool to organize useful information on fitness and health so I can share it with others as well as educate myself.

If you would like to check out my page on you can find me here

I find this website very interesting as it allows the user to organize content based on their own needs. I believe it will be a great fit for me as I can organize articles and information on fitness in one area so it can easily be found and used.

The internet is all on how you make it.

Jeremy Davidson

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Internet & Learning


How do you use the internet? Do you find it a useful tool?

In the industry of nutrition, fitness, and athletics the internet can be a tricky thing. I (obviously) love having the world wide web at my fingertips and I find it to be a great tool for reaching tons of people. I also find it extremely frustrating at times.

When people find out I have a degree in nutrition their first question is typically “what should i eat to lose weight?”. Don’t get me wrong I love these types of questions! But the conversation usually goes in this direction, I get done explaining weight loss in a scientific manor and explain the importance of physical activity paired with nutrient dense food will lead to a healthier lifestyle, and such and such. Their response… But Oprah said, or Yahoo news had an article about a miracle food/pill/exercise to shed 500lbs in 3 days!

In the world of nutrition there are a million different uncredited articles posted about the next trick to being healthy. Even when I quote Registered Dieticians I always lose to a celebrity saying how to be healthy.

I hope this blog doesnt turn out like that. I hope this will be a place for encouragement and motivation with facts that are based on science.

Articles and posts from professionals who use science based facts can be an amazing tool when looking to educate yourself on any subject. I love using the internet, and I love to learn! Below is a list of a few people I follow for great information as I continue my education:


Where do you find your information? Who do you follow?


Jeremy Davidson

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