Personal Coaching Philosophy


As a coach of track & field I am committed to help my athletes achieve all they can in their athletic career.  Our program is more than an individual and is bigger than athletic success. This program is a positive environment that promotes growth as a community. A family who encourages each other to work on becoming the best person they can possible be. As a program, we compete for the team, live for a bigger purpose, and have a desire to improve in all areas of life. Athletics is my passion and my tool to motivate others to grow not only physically but mentally. Through training and hard work we build character and form a positive environment where athletes have a safe place to develop their strengths and build on their weaknesses.


Apps For Fitness Education


Where does technology fit in with your fitness or coaching career? How can we use technology to greatly improve our students, athletes, clients?

If you have a smartphone it’s time to put it to good use. I believe in this day and age using technology in our professions is necessary and highly beneficial. Below is an app I use often to educate myself and my athletes.
It’s called Coach’s Eye



How does technology and apps fit into your profession?

What I do in my free time: Photography!


So I am excited for this post about photo sharing. I love getting to know people and all their different interest and hobbies so I am going to take this time to share a little bit about one thing I love to do.


I recently got a new DSLR camera and have truly enjoyed traveling around taking photos. I think I almost get as excited about taking pictures as I do athletics! Below are a couple of my favorites and below will be a link to my flickr page. I hope you enjoy!

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You can find all my photos here

Personal Learning Network


The internet is jammed full with information every which way. How do you keep it all straight? Are we even tapping in to great resources or are we missing it in all the funk?

I recently signed up for an account on It is an interesting online resource that allows the user to organize information in whatever category, or topic, they choose. I hope to use this website as a tool to organize useful information on fitness and health so I can share it with others as well as educate myself.

If you would like to check out my page on you can find me here

I find this website very interesting as it allows the user to organize content based on their own needs. I believe it will be a great fit for me as I can organize articles and information on fitness in one area so it can easily be found and used.

The internet is all on how you make it.

Jeremy Davidson

“Never Stop Exploring”

Internet & Learning


How do you use the internet? Do you find it a useful tool?

In the industry of nutrition, fitness, and athletics the internet can be a tricky thing. I (obviously) love having the world wide web at my fingertips and I find it to be a great tool for reaching tons of people. I also find it extremely frustrating at times.

When people find out I have a degree in nutrition their first question is typically “what should i eat to lose weight?”. Don’t get me wrong I love these types of questions! But the conversation usually goes in this direction, I get done explaining weight loss in a scientific manor and explain the importance of physical activity paired with nutrient dense food will lead to a healthier lifestyle, and such and such. Their response… But Oprah said, or Yahoo news had an article about a miracle food/pill/exercise to shed 500lbs in 3 days!

In the world of nutrition there are a million different uncredited articles posted about the next trick to being healthy. Even when I quote Registered Dieticians I always lose to a celebrity saying how to be healthy.

I hope this blog doesnt turn out like that. I hope this will be a place for encouragement and motivation with facts that are based on science.

Articles and posts from professionals who use science based facts can be an amazing tool when looking to educate yourself on any subject. I love using the internet, and I love to learn! Below is a list of a few people I follow for great information as I continue my education:


Where do you find your information? Who do you follow?


Jeremy Davidson

“Never Stop Exploring”

Strengths and Weaknesses


I am currently working on my masters and in my class “Technology in Kinesiology” I watched a video on being strengths focused (video) and have been asked to write a brief response on it. I thought this would be a good way to share with all of you this thought on strengths.

I think it is such a cool thing (although frustrating at times) that each and every one of us have different strengths and weaknesses. We all have unique passions and abilities and it always amazes me how things come together when working along side other people. Also, if you know me, I have a huge passion for always learning and improving on “self”. I spend a lot of time looking inward and discovering and exploring what my own strengths and weaknesses are and attempting to learn and grow so I can better help others.

This video is interesting to me because he makes some great points about channeling our own character based on what we are good at and using that towards our career and relationships. We live in a society that is greatly over focused on our weaknesses that we end up in a cyclical pattern of being mediocre at everything rather than being great at something. I agree with Marcus Buckingham on that point. Think about you fitness or health. What are areas of your self that discourage you from reaching your health goals? How often do you look at your strengths and use that to motivate you?

Working in the field of athletics and fitness I often come across questions like “What do I need to do to lose weight?” or I hear comments like “I just really need to start running”. I will use this as a brief example… I hate running distance! I am a sprinter through and through. But, like so many others, when I think of improving my fitness I automatically think I need to run, and I cringe at the thought! It is not my strong point. Definitely my weakness. When I portray that to others I always get the “you just need to do it more to get better at it”. I respectfully disagree! I believe it is important to use your strengths to your advantage, especially in the area of health and fitness. Find something you enjoy doing that gets your heart rate up! Mix up your workouts so you stay fresh and not burnt out. Find what you are good at and “run” with that!

At the same time I disagree with Marcus Buckingham. I am a strong believer of discovering your weaknesses and taking them head on. Building yourself and taking the challenge of not always doing what you are good at. I believe our society also uses a “strength focus” as an excuse to not have to do things they dont like doing.

When talking about fitness, sometimes we just have to get up off the couch and get out the door, grit our teeth and go! Focusing on strengths is different than Doing What You Like To Do.

How does this concept look in your life? What are your thoughts on this video and idea?


Jeremy Davidson

“Never Stop Exploring”