Podcasting: A Tool for Education


Hi guys! I want to take a second and talk about podcasts and how they can be very useful in educating the public. Instead of writing a bunch a bout it I will let you listen to a brief podcast I made.


So how can we use podcasts in the world of athletics? Every person learns in different ways. Some people love to read and take in as much information from books, magazines, and journals. Others can hear information and internalize it. If you are anything like me, you can see someone do something and mimic it. I am very much a visual learner. It is also great to hear information as well as read information and see information. The more variety we have better we will actually internalize the information. The great thing about a podcast is it can be put onto any mp3 device and taken with you wherever you go. Maybe while you are working out in the gym you are listening to a podcast on how to properly do a front squat, or a core routine. Maybe you are listening to a nutrition podcast while preparing dinner. It is very versatile.

They are very easy to create, very easy to share, and very easy to listen to from anywhere at your own convenience. Paired with other forms of learning, podcasting can we a very useful tool in whatever profession you are in.


One thought on “Podcasting: A Tool for Education

  1. Amie Escalante


    Sweet podcast. I was always that student in class constantly moving and couldn’t sit still in my seat and needless to say, I drove my teachers nuts! Having podcasts has made learning so much easier for me when they are available because I often listen to them at the gym and active.

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