Personal Coaching Philosophy


As a coach of track & field I am committed to help my athletes achieve all they can in their athletic career.  Our program is more than an individual and is bigger than athletic success. This program is a positive environment that promotes growth as a community. A family who encourages each other to work on becoming the best person they can possible be. As a program, we compete for the team, live for a bigger purpose, and have a desire to improve in all areas of life. Athletics is my passion and my tool to motivate others to grow not only physically but mentally. Through training and hard work we build character and form a positive environment where athletes have a safe place to develop their strengths and build on their weaknesses.


Virtual Resume


Well everyone, it is 2014 and paper resumes are just about a thing of the past. Companies are starting to take virtual resumes seriously in this new tech savvy age. Below is a link to my virtual resume. I chose to use LinkedIn Resume Builder because it is a simple way to build a resume based off the information on my linkedin account. I really like the format and simplicity of it. Take a look!

Apps For Fitness Education


Where does technology fit in with your fitness or coaching career? How can we use technology to greatly improve our students, athletes, clients?

If you have a smartphone it’s time to put it to good use. I believe in this day and age using technology in our professions is necessary and highly beneficial. Below is an app I use often to educate myself and my athletes.
It’s called Coach’s Eye



How does technology and apps fit into your profession?

Top Tools For Learning


Check out this post on the top 100 tools for learning. It actually surprises me that Twitter is number one and youtube is number 3. I like to use youtube a lot, especially for fitness. What do you use to educate yourself or others? Do you use any of these methods? How can you implement some of these into your own career to better educate yourself and others?

Twitter is an amazing tool to quickly and efficiently get information out to people. Youtube is great for those of us that are visual learners and need to see things to understand them. I like to use both! As of course wordpress is a big part of getting information out to people as well!!!



Podcasting: A Tool for Education


Hi guys! I want to take a second and talk about podcasts and how they can be very useful in educating the public. Instead of writing a bunch a bout it I will let you listen to a brief podcast I made.


So how can we use podcasts in the world of athletics? Every person learns in different ways. Some people love to read and take in as much information from books, magazines, and journals. Others can hear information and internalize it. If you are anything like me, you can see someone do something and mimic it. I am very much a visual learner. It is also great to hear information as well as read information and see information. The more variety we have better we will actually internalize the information. The great thing about a podcast is it can be put onto any mp3 device and taken with you wherever you go. Maybe while you are working out in the gym you are listening to a podcast on how to properly do a front squat, or a core routine. Maybe you are listening to a nutrition podcast while preparing dinner. It is very versatile.

They are very easy to create, very easy to share, and very easy to listen to from anywhere at your own convenience. Paired with other forms of learning, podcasting can we a very useful tool in whatever profession you are in.